Tempo Traveller on Rent in Indore

Tripnstay has the best Tempo Traveller for rent in Indore, which is available 24*7 at your doorstep. By hiring tempo traveller, we will make sure that our professional drivers will take you to all your selected destinations, like a family outing, a holiday with friends, or a business trip, without having to worry about transportation.

By hiring a tempo traveller with Tripnstay, you can benefit from various features like clean tempos, billing transparency, guidance for your road trip, and reliable services. When you wish to explore the city, it is perhaps the most comfortable mode of transportation. Our tempo traveller prices in Indore are very inexpensive and would meet your needs. You have all the necessary information now, so rent a Tempo in Indore for a stress-free journey.

Unique features of Hiring Tempo Traveller Indore

  • It is easy to book our tempo traveller on rent in Indore via phone call or through the website. 
  • You will have sufficient luggage space.
  • The vehicle is maintained regularly, ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip.
  • We make sure that our drivers are professional and well-behaved so that you can have the best ride.
  • Our tempo traveller for rent in Indore offer the best services at reasonable rates compared to other transport services.


  1. How much is the price for hiring a tempo traveller in Indore?

           For hiring a tempo traveller in Indore, we suggest you                         contact our customer care team on 8839856752 for the                     best rates.   

       2. A tempo traveller in Indore has how many seats?

           Small, medium or big tempo travellers are available with                   14, 17, 20, and 26 seats.

       3. What facilities are available for hiring a tempo?

  • Music system of the highest quality.
  • AC and lights for reading purposes.
  • Spacious legroom.
  • Plenty of space in the luggage compartment.